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5 Tips for Local Internet Search Marketing

internet search marketing

By Gregory J Elfrink

Local internet search marketing is an amazing. It works specifically at targeting your community that you are already serving. If you are a chiropractor, plastic surgeon or even a realtor, you can use the benefits of local internet search marketing.

If you are looking to utilize this method, then you are in luck! I am going present 5 crucial tips for you when it comes to exploiting every penny you can out of this exciting strategy.

Let us begin right away!

Tip #1 Get Your Website Together

It amazes me how many people leave their marketing to places such as merchant circle. Many of these merchants listed on there do not even own a website, much less have a viable internet marketing plan built for themselves.

The first step is to build a nice, professional website. You may want someone who is familiar with local SEO to build it for you as well. Depending on how you build the content, you can dramatically affect the rankings you get on Google for your targeted keywords.

Tip #2 Hook Into Social Media

After local SEO, social media becomes the next big part for successful local internet search marketing. Social media allows you to tap into your community very easily. There is tons of targeting methods where you can tap not only into your local community, but people who have stated an avid interest in whatever you are doing.

A fan page is a fantastic way to grow your grassroots following and is a must-have for anyone serious about doing real marketing.

Tip #3 Have a Solid Newsletter

It is extremely surprising and disappointing how few businesses actually have an online newsletter. Most of them just let their customers come and go, they may send a Christmas card or something of the sort but even that is exceedingly rare.

You can easily build an online newsletter, gathering your potential customers emails, and keep them in your businesses loop. This would be a great launching pad for you to start throwing local events around your town or city.

People love to be where things are happening, so use the internet technology to go from global to local. There is nothing easier promoting an event to a list of people who are already dying to hear from you.

Tip #4 Using Local SEO Strategies

SEO or known as search engine optimization is the art of getting yourself ranked on the first page of Google. I highlighted it a little bit in my first tip I gave you, but it is so important I thought I would mention the actual of doing it as a sole tip. Using local SEO will make you the first person that all of your potential customers see when they start looking for options.

If you are a chiropractor for instance, people will probably be searching for which clinic is the best to go to. What happens if your website consistently shows up first for all the big important keywords for your local community?

It would add a staggering amount of credibility to your clinic specifically. Which is going to build a ton of trust right away in your customers eyes.

Tip #5 Use Google Pay Per Click for Local Internet Searches

Like using local SEO, using Google's pay per click program for your local community is horrifically underused in most places. Where people are constantly rushing towards the internet to find which service providers they can trust, it is important to get out there in as many ways as possible.

The really cool thing about Google pay per click (PPC) is that you can actually target specific geographic locations. So you will never pay a dime to someone who clicks on your ad from Alaska when your business is in Ohio!

Master these 5 tips and you will master successful local internet search marketing. All it takes really is time. Understandably most businesses, especially solo shows, just simply do not have the time to do this. Which is why they end up resorting to more traditional marketing methods such as radio spots or expensive TV ads.

This does not have to be the case for you. For the first lesson in business we all learn is if we don't want to do it, but it needs to be done... outsource it! Simply look around for a good local seo marketing firm to do all the work for you. It will save you tons of time and it will keep you focused on what you are doing best already - providing an outstanding service for your clientele.

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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Internet Search Engine Marketing - How Internet Search Engine Marketing Exploded My Business

internet search marketing

By Clint Schubert

Search Engine Marketing, Inc.: Driving Search Traffic to Your Company's Web Site (2nd Edition)If you want to market your business online you have to learn how to use the search engines to your advantage. Search engine marketing is the life of your business and is how the experts generate traffic online. Traditional businesses rely on customers calling their office or walking into their stores. This is the old school way businesses generate sales.

However, the INTERNET has revolutionized how businesses operate. Potential customers are online 24/7 and business owners are learning how to attract these customers to their store fronts, also known as websites. Harnessing the power of the Internet is not easy but incredibly rewarding.

Internet marketing is for all types of businesses. It doesn't matter how big your target audience is or your geographic location. Potential customers are online searching for your products or services and its up to you to build an online presence so that you can be found. After all, if its not you they are looking at then its your competitors and no business owner wants that!

The Internet is so amazing because you can customize your efforts based on multiple parameters. If you have a local BBQ restaurant then you can target a specific niche audience who you feel would appreciate a good BBQ plate and are within your geographic location. If your business is nation wide, like many network marketing or home based businesses, then you can scale your marketing efforts to meet those needs. Maybe you sell health and wellness products and want to target females between the age of 45-65. The Internet gives you options and lets you create a marketing campaign for any need.

If your new to Internet marketing or maybe you have been doing it for a while with little results to show for then you need a "game plan". The Internet is a complicated web of products,websites and people and sometimes you can get lost in the chaos. What you need is someone who has learned the ropes and can show you exactly how to implement proven strategies that are guaranteed to work.

I struggled for several years marketing my business online. I was one of those guys who tried everything but never could generate any real results. Then about a year ago I came across a group of online marketers who have completely dominated the Internet. They teach cutting edge strategies that absolutely work and that anyone can do. Internet search engine marketing is the foundation to their marketing strategies. Its all about building a web presence so that you show up when people search for what you offer.

This group of people are now my family and friends that I will have for a lifetime. We share ideas and new strategies that are revealed every day. My business has grown exponentially because of the things I have learned from this group and will continue to learn more as the Internet evolves.

Clint Schubert is one of the top Network Marketing Coaches online, who combines a unique style of online relationship building, social media, and old school, traditional prospecting techniques to create an explosive combination of up front growth, duplication, and massive success. If you want Clint's formula for massive online success, visit Clint Schubert's MLM Formula now.

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