Saturday, September 12, 2009

How to Conduct Effective Search Engine Marketing Using Keywords

internet search marketing

By eHow Contributing Writer

To market your Web site effectively online, be sure your site is easily found in search engines. To conduct effective Search Engine Marketing, there are steps that you must take.


Step 1
Plan your strategy. Choose to begin with a wide variety of search terms and then narrow it down, or use a few select keywords and gradually expand as your budget allows.

Step 2
Use relevant keywords. Think like your customers and use the keywords and phrases they use when searching rather than the words you use to sell your product.

Step 3
Pay attention to anything that might change what people search for, such as current events. If your keyword is suddenly popular with a very different audience, sales from click-throughs will decrease.

Step 4
Look for changes in search patterns and adjust your marketing accordingly. Keep track of what your customers search for when on your site.

Step 5
Track your ads to know which keywords are the most effective on a given search engine and market accordingly.

Tips & Warnings
  • Use relevant keywords and key phrases.
  • Plan your marketing based on what your customers are looking for when using search engines.
  • Watch out for click fraud. Software, and even hired teams, may be brought in by your competitors to generate clicks and drive up the cost of advertising.

internet search marketing

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