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How to Profit from an Internet Marketing Course

internet search marketing

By David Thompson

Internet marketing courses claim to reveal secrets to online advertising, profitable websites, affiliate marketing, and many other ways to use the internet to make money. But will taking an internet marketing course really make you rich? Or even help you make a small profit and a little cash?

Remember, while you're looking for the best internet marketing course to take, each company that sells a course is marketing to you. You can learn as much from how the course is marketed, as you can from the course itself.


1. Search online for internet marketing courses and notice the results that catch your eye. You want to make a profit on the internet, but so do thousands of other people, and those who offer internet marketing courses are all scrambling for your attention. Which ones won? Think about what words you used to search, and which listings caught your eye. Did you click on paid ads, or unpaid search engine results? Perhaps you went through several steps, clicking on an interesting blog, then another site the blog referred you to, then the internet marketing course's homepage. Or maybe you clicked directly from a search engine listing.

2. Figure out how the successful internet marketing courses got links placed where they did. For example, if you clicked on a keyword ad, you can estimate what keywords they used and how much they paid for each click by going to https://adwords.google.com/select/KeywordToolExternal and typing keywords such as "online internet marketing course" and choosing to display the column "estimated avg. CPC" or cost per click. You can also see how often people searched for the same phrase you did.

If you saw their web page listed among the first few Google search results, it cost them nothing, but they used excellent SEO (search engine optimization) techniques. There are many free articles on the web explaining the numerous complex factors that a company can use to optimize its web page for search engines.

If you found them through a blog, does it look like the company itself writes the blog? Or perhaps they traded links with the blog owner, and you'll find the blog linked on the course's web page. All those are techniques that you can use yourself to market your own business on the internet, and you can see which companies used them most successfully by seeing which internet marketing courses you clicked on first.

3. Read the information for a few of the internet marketing courses that seem most attractive, and pretend the copy writer was marketing whatever you're selling. What particular phrases or promises make you want to sign up the most? What turns you off? What keeps you reading? Imagine how you could apply those same sales techniques to what you want to sell.

4. Sign up for the internet marketing course that entices you most. It might even be a free, and if so, figure out how the company makes a profit. Maybe they try to sell you an advanced course, or have software or web hosting for sale for your business, or put ads on their web pages or use affiliate links.

5. As you take the course, continue to think about each step just as you've done above. Don't just study the lesson, also study how the company is marketing itself to you. If it's a successful company that profits from offering internet marketing courses, you can see all the techniques in action in the company's presence, from your first contact with them through each email or web page of theirs that you see, and you can apply those techniques to your own business, to bring in customers just as the online marketing course enticed you to be their customer.

eHow Article: How to Profit from an Internet Marketing Course

internet search marketing

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